A picture frame that blends modern art, design and technology to create an image that will brighten any place with sensors and clock.

Cork, Ireland – Art can come in many shapes and forms. Kauza strives to innovate interior wall design and décor for home and office. Using the latest laser cutting technology forms and designs come to life, protected by acrylic glass. The LED light brings the the pictures to life unlike anything else. Pictures and designs come in different colors creating a unique atmosphere. The pictures respond to motion, sound and are bluetooth enabled to match our fast changing times.

Kauza added extra product functionality including:

  • Real-time clock
  • Arduino sensor
  • Bluetooth controller
  • Touch sensor which allows to turn on and off any picture.
  • Sound sensors respond to loud sounds (e.g. a clap or music bass lighting up in sync with audio beats)
  • Motion sensors detect a presence of a person or an animal turning itself on.
  • Motion detector with GSM or CDMA module acting like an alarm and notifying the owner of possible intrusion (it does not react to pets)


To take a Kauza Picture to the next level, the company has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to develop Android and iOS apps to allow users to control and synchronize data between their mobile devices and Kauza products. Early birds will be able to pre-order one for as little as $23 USD.

About Kauza

Kauza is first in its kind manufacturer and reseller of its unique high-tech pictures for home and office, specializing in interior design, home decor and home furniture products.



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