Creative ideas are not born very often. People tend to stick to classic ideas when it comes to gifts. However, there are always a few people who think outside of the box and would like to impress their loved ones with something extraordinary and creative.

We would like to share the story of Kauza with you which led to the creation of ultimate wall pictures.

“It was my daughter’s birthday. I visited a number of shops trying to get a present for her, but could not find anything worth buying. I knew that I wanted something special, colorful and unique for her. After wondering for hours, I came across an interesting picture. I took it in my hands and thought for a moment. The idea of high-tech picture came to me and I realized that I can do my own product and make a birthday present for my little daughter with my pair of hands.

You can now see the result of our love, passion for design and technology on your screens. It looks much better in real life. You can trust us on that.” – shared by one of Kauza founders.

We handcrafted a few pictures and gave them to our family members and friends. We did not think about selling or manufacturing the products on industrial scale back then. It was amazing, how much response and interest a few gifts have created among our friends and local community. People started to approach us and ask where they can buy these high-tech pictures. We did not know what to reply. The demand and interest kept growing and we have decided to create a first collection of products and invest our own money, emotions and love to share it with our friends of friends. After creating the first 50 units, none of them had received negative feedback. It was a very positive result. We started to think about setting up a business and creating a production line. The mission of Kauza is to share our fantastic product, which clearly are enjoyed by everyone, with the rest of the world! Start-up costs are very high and we could not finance the business ourselves. We did not find a better place to raise funds than Our company perfectly fits the profile of the friendly community of backers.

There is one last thing we want to add. We have this idea to share the manufacturing process with every person supporting us on Therefore, at the end of fundraising campaign, we are planning to install online webcam at our warehouse so that all backers can view the creation of magic in real time. Only Kckstarter users will get this privilege! You will witness the process of creation of high-tech pictures.

We have decided to develop an application on our website which will allow users to select a color of choice when placing an order to suit individual interior.

If we are lucky enough, with your support, to raise more money than the originally pledged amount, we will allow every backer to participate in the design process using a special app on our website to compose your own designs. This will give an opportunity for people to create truly the only only-in-a-world gifts to their loved ones. You can treat yourselves, your family and friends, your boss or work colleagues, a business partner. Just think about the potential of this: exclusive photo with a company logo, a photo of someone, memorable picture etc. This is a limitless creativity space. Every special occasion can have its own special picture with so many designs only limited by your imagination!

Additional Note: backers who purchased “Heart” ultimate wall picture will have an extra option to sign their gifts at the bottom with a font and custom message selecting a preferred font. A few examples:
With love to my mom / From your daughter / To my darling / I give you my heart…and many more

With your support, we will be able to reach new heights by introducing new designs, creating new collections and more amazing décor products for home and office interior. Everybody will find something they like.